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Making New Friends

Let’s be honest. Making friends as an adult is not quite as easy as it was back on the playground in elementary school. It’s even harder when you make a move to a new area. It helps if you move somewhere that supports community activities, like Nickel Plate Station. Our apartments in Fishers offer residents access to multiple communal areas where everyone can mingle. But how do you know what events to choose or where else to go? Try one of these simple approaches to building new bonds!

#1: Book Clubs
Before you balk at this idea, book clubs are a great way to meet new people in a low-pressure situation. Plus, book clubs can come in different themes, so you can look for a genre that suits you first. Once you’re there, it’s guaranteed easy conversation because everyone will be talking about the same thing. Then you can see if any organic relationships develop from there or just enjoy having a fun group to get together with regularly.

#2: Try a Class
A move to a new place is the perfect time to go out and develop new skills. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to draw, paint, or jump into hot yoga, go for it! Pick a beginner’s class, and then you know you’ll be surrounded by plenty of people feeling as nervous as you. It will give you a natural jumping-off point for conversation, and if it’s not quite clicking with anybody, you’ll still have had fun trying something you’ve never done before.

#3: Tune Into Hobbies
There are so many neighborhood groups, Meetup groups, and Facebook groups. They are also directed towards specific hobbies and interests so you know you’ll instantly have something in common. You can even spend time chatting in the group before you go to your first official event to make it less overwhelming or even make a connection before you ever meet in person.

#4: Community Events
Community events may sound like a thing of the past, but that is simply not true! Check out local community centers and cultural hubs, and you’re sure to happen upon upcoming events to take part in. There might be a block party, a flea market, a farmers’ market, a food festival, and so much more. Take a pick of something that intrigues you and strike up some casual conversation while you’re there. You know automatically you’ll be around people who are likely from the area or nearby so you can start putting down some roots.

#5: Volunteer
Give back to the community and yourself all at the same time. Pick something you’re passionate about and spend some time volunteering for that cause. There are many soup kitchens, domestic abuse shelters, and humane societies that could use your help. While you’re there, you’re guaranteed to meet other volunteers who you’ll know right away share similar values.

Are you looking for a new apartment home that makes it easy to make new friends and form lifelong connections? Visit us at Nickel Plate Station. Our Fishers apartments not only offer multiple communal areas for residents but also easy access to nearby hangouts. Many top locations are a short walk away, so you’ll have ample opportunities to find friendships. Call to schedule a tour and learn more: (317) 854-5630