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Styles for the Year

Each season brings a new round of fashion trends, and this year is full of fun new looks to try. They feature everything from color to textures. You’ll have an easier time finding the hottest pieces if you live near top shopping. Residents of Nickel Plate Station enjoy easy access to plenty of premium shopping. Our Fishers, Indiana apartments are near top retail centers and right by the heart of downtown. Before you shop till you drop, check out what to look for to make your wardrobe extra special this spring!

#1: Luxe Red
Spring may have you thinking pastels, florals, and all things muted, but not this season! The runways were full of bright, bold red. To incorporate this color in your wardrobe, there’s no need to make yourself look like Elmo from Sesame Street. You can add this bold stroke with a pair of shoes, a belt, or with a top under a blazer. If you’re all about making a statement, then go for it with a full dress or pair of pants. Pro tip: this color turned up a lot in shiny, patent leathers and as accessories.

#2: White Footwear
There’s a reason white is such a popular choice in almost every season: it goes with everything. This spring, though, it’s a particularly popular choice for footwear. It will make sure that every ensemble has a clean, sleek, fresh look. It will add a layer of polish to whatever you’re wearing, especially if you work hard to preserve that pure white finish. Pro tip: to keep white shoes clean, you have a few quick and easy options. You can start with a shoe protector spray; use a toothbrush to gently scrub off any debris; for little spots, just dip a washcloth in some vinegar and give a gentle rub; for super stubborn spots, use a tiny bit of bleach diluted with water.

#3: Denim
It’s pretty clear that denim will never die, but its various forms do shift each year in fashion. This year is specifically all about detail. Look for jeans, skirts, and more that are not strictly one finish. The popular embellishments are added belts, buckles, ties, and even braiding. You can also look for pleating or even a kind of patchwork look where multiple denim washes are used. Pro tip: you can combine this trend with another one. There are many pieces now featuring an “unfinished” look or an “imperfect” look. Think of raw edges and slightly irregular angles. So you can go for denim with the raw-edged vibe and hit both trends with one piece.

#4: Long and Loose
If you’re looking for what to wear on the bottom, then the theme is absolutely long and loose. Pants are long and flared or wide-legged. There is also a shocking development. Cargo pants are in! Think billowy, tapered at the ankle, and complete with extra pockets somewhere on the sides. Another element of this trend is a sharp turn away from the miniskirt and a huge resurgence of the maxi skirt, including full floor-length looks. This will give you that airy, bohemian vibe as you venture out in the warmer weather. Pro tip: it’s much easier to build an outfit when you have some good neutral base pieces. You can pair a colorful, statement top with a great pair of black pants. Plus, this trend lends itself to crossing seasons, so a neutral tan skirt can move with you into fall.

#5: Sheer
Before you roll your eyes at this trend, it’s important to note that the goal here is not always to show a bunch of skin. This look is being used mostly for layering. That can mean a sheer top over a bralette or even an all-over sheer look with complementary undergarments, but if that's not for you, there are still options. You can match a tank top with a sheer button-down top or put a sheer dress over a tank and some shorts. The goal here is to play with the fabric and layer without adding heat like what’s done in fall and winter. Pro tip: if you’re not a fan of sheer at all, then try another fun fabric trend this season. There has been a push for sequins, sparkle, and shine even with casual daytime looks.

If you’re looking for apartments in Fishers, IN that keep you close to shops with all the latest trends, come visit us at Nickel Plate Station. Not only are we in a prime location in the Nickel Plate District but also we have premium amenities like California closets where you can store all your greatest fashion finds. Call for more information: (317) 854-5630