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Apartment Storage Solutions
Apartment living has a wide range of perks. You get access to all kinds of amenities plus many of your maintenance needs are already taken care of. However, many apartment dwellers worry about having enough storage. If you’re lucky enough to live at Nickel Plate Station, our apartments in Fishers, IN then you’ll already enjoy space-saving storage like ample California closets. But if you still want to stretch every bit of your square footage, and still keep your space looking stylish, try one of these storage tricks!

#1: Think Discreet
Some of the best storage is subtle storage because it helps you avoid visual and physical clutter. There are a couple of ways to create discreet storage in your apartment. The first is to keep it behind closed doors, literally. There are plenty of back-of-the-door storage systems that easily hook right onto the door frame and provide storage that’s off the floor and easily hidden. Another option is to choose dual-purpose furniture. You can go for classic options like nesting tables or more recent developments like ottomans with built-in storage.

#2: Use the Underutilized
There are plenty of spaces you can use that you may be neglecting. Here’s the trick: look under the furniture. Most furniture sits up on some kind of legs or frame, and the space that’s underneath is frequently neglected. Instead of letting that room go to waste, invest in some under-the-bed storage drawers or slim drawers on wheels that will tuck easily under a sofa or chair. To make this storage make sense, store things in areas where they’re more likely to be useful. For example, if it’s under the bed, use it for off-season clothing or excess shoes.

#3: Cozy Containers
Storage doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian. It can also be modern and stylish. To add some, pick the right containers. First, take stock of what your general style is in the rest of your decor. If you’re a fan of the farmhouse look, then consider using some woven baskets. If you’re more into sleek and Scandinavian, then consider clean white containers with flat wooden lids. Second, have some fun with the materials. You don’t have to always rely on plastic. Fabric, wood, knit, and ceramic options can all add visual appeal while giving you more room. Your pile of blankets or collection of umbrellas will look much more intentional with the right container.

#4: Out-in-the-Open Storage
The right container can be a great storage option to leave out in the open, but containers can still use up valuable floor, counter, and cabinet space. There are plenty of other storage ideas that will look right at home in the open. One popular option is a shelving unit that fits right above the toilet and magically adds a spot to store extra soap, toilet paper, towels, etc. Another great place to gain space is your walls. Since you’re in an apartment, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the rules about hanging items. If you’d like to avoid holes altogether, many items take well to being hung by command hooks. Then you can add some floating shelves in the kitchen and keep your best mugs or stemware out in the open. You can also add decorative hooks that are great for towels, aprons, coats, and more.

#5: Every Space Counts
No matter how small the space is, every space counts. Don’t be afraid to use some odd spots to your advantage. A small floating shelf, a hanging spice rack, or a magnetic strip for utensils can all fill in those little gaps. Popular spots with some space are corners, areas near windows, windowsills, and the sides of counters. You’ll be shocked by how much more space you gain by storing a bit here and a bit there.

Do you want to come home to an apartment that has all the space you need to get started? Then come tour Nickel Plate Station. Our Fishers, IN apartments not only include extra room in the California closets but also other incredible amenities like balconies, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, communal courtyards, a resort-style pool, and so much more. Call for more details: (317) 854-5630