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Places to Stop on the Nickel Plate Trail

The Nickel Plate Trail is a prime way to explore the thriving city of Fishers. It’s well-maintained and accessible by foot from 106th Street to 146th Street. But it’s more than just a trail for a convenient walk or run. It’s a hub that connects you to top local destinations and incredible communal artwork. If you live at Nickel Plate Station, our downtown Fishers apartments offer quick access to the Nickel Plate Trail and are right by one of its latest and greatest additions. Read on to learn more about where to stop for fun on the Nickel Plate Trail!

#1: Fishers Maker Playground
The Fishers Maker Playground is a state-of-the-art facility where you can explore your creative side. It’s a public makerspace where you can go to use tools, technology, and art supplies to create. There’s a metal shop, CNC machine, woodshop, laser engraver, 3D printer, and more. It’s designed for anyone ages 14 and above to unleash possibilities by exploring S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math) concepts with hands-on projects.

#2: Blazing the Trail Mural
The Blazing the Trail mural is located on the back of the Fishers Police Department parking garage and features local landmarks. It’s a great place to stop for some photos, look for places you recognize, and even has a secret surprise. The artist, Becky Hochhalter, hid butterflies within the mural so you can challenge a friend to see who can find the most.

#3: The Tunnel Under 116th
The trail got a huge enhancement with the addition of a pedestrian tunnel at 116th Street. Anyone walking along the trail can safely cross through the tunnel and avoid the busy intersection above. It features soft lighting and a smooth ramp that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the trail.

#4: The Monumental Stairs
On one side of the tunnel, you can stop for a rest on the Monumental Stairs. The stairs use composite decking so you can take a seat and get cozy. They also include lighting so you can enjoy them even as the sun sets and charging stations in case you want to charge a phone or laptop and enjoy technology in the great outdoors.

#5: Cheeney Creek Natural Area
If you want a break from the hustle and bustle, then a wonderful oasis is the Cheeney Creek Natural Area. It’s a 25-acre area complete with fishing ponds and woodland trails. Any nature lover or birdwatcher will have an excellent experience here. You can easily access the park and main trailhead from the Nickel Plate Trail.

#6: Nickel Plate District
To get to know Fishers, you have to get to know the Nickel Plate District. It’s at the heart of the city and downtown area and features a vast selection of food, shopping, and entertainment options. If you’re looking for the best shopping and dining, check out this helpful guide. If you live at Nickel Plate Station, then you’re in luck because our Fishers apartments are located right in the Nickel Plate District.

#7: Mural by the New Plaza at 116th
The Nickel Plate Station community and mixed-use development is home to one of the newest and grandest highlights on the Nickel Plate Trail, a stunning mural designed and painted by the Wilkinson Brothers, Corey and Casey Wilkinson who specialize in graphic art and design. The mural was commissioned by the president and CEO of CRG Residential. The company has been carefully restoring the historic brick buildings at Nickel Plate Station, and one of them became the canvas for the postcard-shaped mural that features tributes to Fishers’ past and present, including the former train station, the Conner Prairie balloon, the White River, and music that represents the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater. The mural will become the perfect focal point for the 116th Street plaza.

Do you want to find apartments in Fishers, Indiana that make it easy to get on and off the Nickel Plate Trail at all of these amazing locations? Look no further than Nickel Plate Station. Our central location includes access to and views of the Nickel Plate Trail, and the new mural right by the plaza means you can enjoy the best sights, sounds, and events Fishers has to offer. Call today to learn more: (844) 669-4410