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Creating an Eye-Catching Feature Wall

If you’ve recently moved and want to add a personal touch to your new home, then one of the easiest ways to give it that extra something is with a photo wall or gallery wall. A photo wall or gallery wall is a collection of photos or other wall art that are hung in a group of usually 5 or more items. It’s a great modern trend that fits many spaces, like the new modern floor plans at Nickel Plate Station. Our Fishers, Indiana apartments in the Nickel Plate District feature the latest architectural elements and are ideal for a strong photo or gallery wall. For tips on creating your own, read on!

#1: Pick a Location
Your gallery wall or photo wall needs to be somewhere where you can properly admire it. It will become a natural focal point, so look for a wall space where you want to draw the eye. A natural location could be above a large piece of furniture, like a couch or dining table, or it could be a way to bring personality to a more “boring” space like a hallway.

#2: Collect Art, Photos, Prints, Etc.
Your collection will come together much more easily if you worry less about finding it all right away. Instead of grabbing your pieces all in one weekend, look for things you like over time. When you visit an art fair or local home goods store, look for prints and pieces that speak to you. The same is true for photos. As you find ones you like, start a folder on your computer where you save your favorites. Don’t worry so much about whether it all “goes” together because it’s more important that you appreciate what you’ll see in your home every day.

#3: Choose a General Theme
Once you’ve collected your various pieces, it’s time to create a general theme. The theme could be focused on the content of the pieces or it could be more focused on color. Some content themes could be family, nature, or abstract art. If you choose color, you don’t have to have every color in every piece. Pick a maximum of 3 to 4 colors and just be sure each piece has that color once. If another color sneaks in, that’s fine, too! It will add some extra visual interest.

#4: Select Frames
Frames are an essential part of your overall look. The best “rule” to follow is, if your pieces are all generally the same color, like black and white photos, then you can have more eclectic frames with different colors and textures. If your prints or pieces are varied in style or color, then it will look much better to have frames in the same color and texture.

#5: Design the Layout
When you have your pieces and frames, now it’s time to have fun creating the actual gallery or photo wall! To design your layout, you have a few options. One option is to go for a primarily symmetrical approach. You’ll want the same number of vertical and horizontal pieces in similar sizes to keep it visually balanced. Another option is to go for a more casual grouping, which works better with an odd number of pieces but still uses a mix of vertical and horizontal. A final option is to be strictly symmetrical and use all horizontal or all vertical pieces and an even number. This approach works best if you already have a very sleek and minimalist style in your apartment.

#6: Measure, Measure, Measure
With a layout set, it’s time to hang things. You’ll end up happiest with your photo or gallery wall if you take the time to measure before hanging anything. This is especially important when you live in an apartment so you don’t have to deal with any extra repair work. You could lay things out on the floor first then transfer to the wall. You could also create paper templates of your frames and use them to guide you. You could also get some extra hands to help you hold up the frames on the wall and then mark the top corners before installing any nails or hangers.

#7: Be Brave and Bold
The most effective photo or gallery wall has a splash of personality, whatever that means to you. If you’re an organized person and like things neat, keep your wall neat and sleek but consider a surprising pop of color here and there. If you’re a little louder and bolder, then you may want to be adventurous and add a piece of wall decor with some dimension instead of strictly framed art or photos.

No matter what approach you take to your photo or gallery wall, you can be sure it will look incredible in one of the floor plans at Nickel Plate Station. You’ll discover that our apartments in Fishers, Indiana have everything you need in a prime location near the heart of downtown and within walking distance of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Call to learn more: (844) 669-4410