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Making More Room

If you’re moving into a new apartment home, one of the first concerns you’ll likely have is space. You need the right amount of space for your day-to-day functionality, but you may be looking to keep things simple and minimal. A great approach is to start with the right floor plan like one of the 38 different floor plans at Nickel Plate Station, apartments in Fishers, Indiana. Another way to make your space work for you is to invest in clever furniture that unites fashion and function. Check out some of our favorite picks!

Vertical Desk Storage

No matter your storage needs, there’s a clear and easy way to use space wisely: go up! This is especially true of spaces that tend to accumulate a lot of books, notebooks, papers, pens, etc. Those common desk items could quickly take up a plenty of your floor space with cabinets, drawers, and bins. Instead of extending out sideways with those storage options, you can go up with vertical desks like this one. You still have plenty of storage, but putting it vertical gives you seven different shelves to fill with your desk supplies. Another bonus is it’s more likely to keep you organized because the items are exposed instead of hidden in a drawer.

Bathroom Space Savers

Bathrooms are another culprit for accumulating piles of bottles, brushes, and miscellaneous products of all shapes and sizes. They are also a place you don’t necessarily want everything out and exposed. If you have limited cabinet space in your bathroom, then there’s a quick and easy way to give you more. Try a storage unit that fits right above the toilet like this one. It’s not only stylish but also discrete with both a drawer and two cabinet doors for hiding away extra toilet paper, toilet bowl cleaner, and more. There are also open front options so you can instead proudly display all your favorite bath products and even some linens to make your bathroom feel more like a spa. Either way, you gain space and add a unique touch to an area of your bathroom that generally ends up neglected in decorating plans.

Table Sets with Ottomans

You may find that your apartment has the right amount of space for just you and one or two friends, but maybe you’re struggling with what to do when more people come over. Where do you put them? Where can they sit? One solution is a coffee table or dining table with ottomans that conveniently nestle right underneath. This table and stool set has even more storage bonuses. The stools have liftable lids for hiding away some extra items. You can get the same space-saving experience from this dining set. If you were to invest in similar sets for both your dining and living areas, you’d end up with eight seats that are there when you need them and tuck away when you don’t.

Storage Sofas

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up with some kind of sofa in your apartment, but it’s also inevitable that it will take up a lot of precious floor space. Rather than think of it as space lost, think of all the storage and functionality it could provide instead. During the day, it can serve its purpose as a seat when you’re lounging with a book or watching some TV. If you have a guest who needs to spend the night, there are plenty of sofas that double as day beds or sleeper sofas. If you are running out of closets, you could also look for sofas with a storage chaise. Then you’ll have a seat where you can put up your feet and store those extra sheets and towels. Some sofas are so clever, they can provide both storage and additional sleeping space, like this one. Now you won’t have to worry about lost space but celebrate the flexibility your furniture provides.

If you’re looking for apartments in Fishers and don’t want to worry about finding enough space, then you should schedule a tour at Nickel Plate Station. Every floor plan is designed with functionality in mind. Even our studio apartment floor plan features a sizable closet, convenient bathroom storage, room for a dining set, and private outdoor space. Ready to learn more? Give us a call at (317)-854-5630.