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Make Your Outdoor Space Stand Out

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with an outdoor space, you may be wondering how to make it your own, how to make it unique. When you live in an apartment home, it’s especially important to put your own spin on it and get the most out of all the space your home has to offer. At Nickel Plate Station, our Fishers apartments almost all feature a private outdoor space. Are you ready to get started and make your outdoor area something special? Check out some top tips!

Add an Ottoman

Outdoor furniture can feel limiting, but there’s more to a patio than just tables and chairs. You can also add a mixed-use piece like an oversized ottoman. The benefit of a sturdy ottoman is that you can use it for a shared footrest or quickly turn it into a table by placing some trays on top.

Use a Rug

Rugs are functional inside and out! Outdoor rugs are an especially great way to add personality to your space. You can have fun with color, pattern, and texture, and outdoor rugs are made to withstand plenty of foot traffic and weather. They also help to visually anchor your space and make it feel intentional.

Go Petite

If you’re concerned that your outdoor space is too small to take on furniture, think again. Using petite pieces will make it a charming oasis. Go for small, simple chairs or stools and undersized tables. It will still give you enough room to sit down, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and that adds another useful area to your apartment home.

Get into Gardening

Outdoor spaces give you the chance to grow some of your own herbs, flowers, or other plants, but you may be concerned about using up too much room in an already limited space. Don’t give up on your gardening dreams but instead consider investing in a rustic garden bench. It gives you somewhere to store your supplies, set your plants, and can be cleaned up when you host an event to hold trays of food or drinks.

Add Space-Saving Items

Gardening may not be your favorite hobby, so add space to your patio or balcony another way. Instead of a garden bench, you can add storage or height with either a bar cart or a tiered plant stand. The bar cart can be used for displaying some art, plants, photos, or other items. It can also be used for storing things when you host, like glasses, a pitcher, coasters, etc. The tiered plant stand can serve the same purpose for displaying things, not necessarily just plants. Add items from a favorite collection, vases with fresh flowers, or other things that show off your personality.

Keep It Round

Add some organic flow to your area by using rounded shapes. Items with rounded edges will make it easier to maneuver around your space and will add a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Try a round table or go with wicker chairs with rounded seats.

Are you looking for apartments in Fishers that already feature stunning outdoor spaces? Schedule a tour at Nickel Plate Station. Our new apartments in the heart of the Nickel Plate District feature resort-style amenities and exceptional interiors. Give us a call at (317)-854-5630.