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The Kitchen of Your Dreams

If you love cooking or just want your kitchen to have everything you need, you may be concerned about living in an apartment home. Will a smaller kitchen limit your cooking creativity? The answer is pretty simple: no. With some smart planning and the right appliances, you’ll have everything you need to produce delicious meals. If you live at Nickel Plate Station, our Fishers, Indiana apartments already feature Samsung stainless steel appliances, but there are a few other tools you can introduce to your kitchen without killing your counter space.

Food Processors

A food processor can come in handy in a multitude of ways. First, it can save you from endless chopping. If you’re not a fan of cutting onions, here is a fast and easy way to get it done. Second, a food processor can help you create quick purees to use in sauces, soups, and more. Finally, a pro tip: a food processor can double as a blender. Blenders can take up a lot of space with their chunky bases and tall tops. Food processors come in standard sizes but are also available in compact sizes, like this one. A compact food processor can easily make that morning protein smoothie without jeopardizing your counter space.

Coffee, Tea, and More

It’s a well-known fact that many adults are somewhat addicted to their daily caffeine fix, whether it’s a coffee, tea, or espresso. All of those amazing beverages, however, require a lot of specialty equipment. Rather than give up your counter to a grinder, drip coffee maker, and teapot, try some space-saving alternatives. If you live for a fresh shot of espresso, you can make two espresso shots efficiently and effectively with this tiny but functional espresso maker. If you go for the typical drip coffee, then look for Aeropress products at popular stores like Target, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, or REI. An Aeropress is roughly the size of a water bottle, much less bulky than the average coffee maker. A final hot product is this multi-functional, collapsible electric kettle. You can use it to prep boiling water for all kinds of things: tea, ramen, or oatmeal. Since it collapses to about the size of a coaster, you don’t have to worry about using counter space at all.

Slow Cookers

For busy days and cold nights, nothing beats a crockpot full of chili or some creamy cheese dip to share with friends. But what about having to store a big, clunky crockpot? They may not get used all that often, but they sure are handy to have around. The perfect option is not a crockpot at all but instead a mini Instant Pot. A mini Instant Pot can still hold enough food for a quick meal, or you can always do multiple batches and keep them warm in the oven. Another bonus to an Instant Pot is that it can help you quick-cook meats, rice, veggies, etc. even more efficiently and effectively than a crockpot. Save on space and time.

Just for Fun

There are some functional items you’ll want to have in your kitchen, but for added fun, here are a couple of other gadgets to consider. The first is a mini waffle maker. You don’t need to give up your weekly brunch with this small but helpful tool. Plus, it makes more manageable portions that will cook up quickly in case you want to have some friends over. Another addition to consider is a mini grill. There are plenty of options to choose from, including the common George Foreman grill. You can enjoy grilling year-round or switch things up with a grilled cheese or fresh-pressed panini.

If you’re looking for apartments in Fishers, Indiana, then consider taking a tour at Nickel Plate Station. Our new, urban apartment homes include not only high-end appliances but also other top amenities, like full-size washers and dryers in your unit, valet trash service, quartz countertops, and a prime location in downtown Fishers in case you want to take a break from the kitchen and enjoy some local dining. Call to learn more: (317)-854-5630.