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Remote Work Breaks

The working world is changing, and one of the biggest changes is the rise of remote work. It’s flexible and keeps you safe and cozy at home, but it has some major downsides, too. You are less likely to socialize and you’re also less likely to get up and move throughout your day. At Nickel Plate Station, our apartments in Fishers, Indiana are already set up to keep you relaxed or help you get moving. But what if you’re still stuck on how to get started? Here are some top ways to take a break!

Stretch It Out

YA big risk for remote workers is getting stiff and uncomfortable because you don’t have the right office setup. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a dedicated workspace or the right furniture in it to stay comfortable. When you’re feeling a bit stiff or just need to release some tension, stretching or a short yoga session will help you quickly work out some kinks. The Mayo Clinic has a great basic stretch guide organized into slides so you can pull it up in a tab on your browser and simply follow the steps. YouTube is also a great hub for finding workout videos, including a channel called “Body Positive Yoga.” They describe their channel as “low-pressure, judgment-free yoga for big bodies, creaky joints, and beginners.”

Work the Walk

Walking is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your body moving. It’s low impact, free, and has a myriad of benefits. Healthline has a list of the top 10 benefits, including a creative thinking boost. Look up some local parks or just drive through your neighborhood to map out a couple of walk routes. Try to come up with three to four options so you don’t get bored with the same scenery. You can also start by choosing a great place to live. For example, Nickel Plate Station has a 24-hour fitness center and quick access to the Nickel Plate Trail. With that kind of setup, you can fit in a walk no matter what the weather.

Positive Screen Time

Modern life is full of screens, but it doesn’t all have to be negative. When you get tired of staring at emails or finding the mute button in a meeting, you can use one of those screens for something positive. You could hop on your laptop or smartphone and take some mindfulness time or enjoy some meditation or guided breathing. Choosing Therapy has a great list of some top YouTube channels for meditation. Many of the channels also have apps you can download. If you’re not a fan of quiet time, you can also check out some comedy channels or find a podcast that you enjoy.

Schedule It

When you work in an office, your day is often broken up by a trip to the coffee pot or a chat with a coworker. Those little pauses make it easier to get to the finish line. But when you work at home, you may need to be more strategic and actually plan your breaks. A good way to keep your balance is one morning break and two afternoon breaks, in addition to your lunch break. This helps you break up your day into smaller chunks and gives you something to look forward to multiple times a day. Each of those breaks can have a different purpose, too. Maybe your morning break is time for laundry or dishes. In the afternoon, take one stretching or yoga break and make the other one positive screen time or a walk. Regardless of what works for you, keep the schedule because a consistent routine is helpful for your mental health and productivity.

Change Locations

Another great option to change up your day is to change up your location. Most technology is portable, so try setting up your laptop somewhere else for the day. You could try a local coffee house with WiFi, a shared workspace in your community, or just change rooms in your own place. A change of environment can provide you with a quick mental lift. It’s not likely you can do this every day, but consider making it something special you do on Fridays every week or maybe whatever day you have the fewest meetings.

Do you want to set yourself up for success in your remote work position? Then start with the right apartment home. At Nickel Plate Station, our exceptional amenities make it easy to break up the day. Besides our 24-hour fitness center, we also have a private fitness/yoga room, a Community Room Lounge, a bike room, and three separate courtyards connected by a pedestrian bridge. Our access to Nickel Plate Trail also means you can enjoy a quick jog or walk into the heart of downtown Fishers and the Nickel Plate District. Come see for yourself when you schedule a tour today! (317)-854-5630.