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Streamlined Packing Tips

Many people crave a little time away, but few people crave the extra cost of luggage. It adds a burden to your body and your wallet. So how do you tackle that pile of stuff you really want to take along for the ride? You could always enjoy a staycation if you live at Nickel Plate Station. Our apartments in Fishers, Indiana already have resort-style amenities like an outdoor kitchen, walking and jogging trail, and more. But in case you do choose to get away for a while, here are some tips for keeping your luggage light!

#1: Make a List

This may sound like extra work when you’re trying to minimize, but making a list keeps your packing laser-focused. It also gives you a healthy perspective about what you really need. One of the best ways to create your list is to create your itinerary (even if it’s a loose one). That way you can map out exactly what you’ll need from day to day. You can even match your itinerary to the weather report so there’s less guesswork about bringing an umbrella or snow boots.

#2: Packing Cubes

These are a lifesaver! Packing cubes are the latest and greatest invention for better packing. The name “cube” is a little deceptive because they are shaped like cubes but are soft-sided. They are often made of fabric and/or mesh. The mesh is super helpful because you can see what’s inside. There are different sizes to choose from to fit your different needs.

#3: Reduce Footwear

Let’s face it. It is incredibly tempting to pack several pairs of shoes, something to fit every kind of weather, every outfit, etc. However, shoes are by far one of the bulkiest and heaviest things you can pack. In reality, who’s really looking at your feet? Consider trying this trick: the limit is three pairs of shoes, no matter what. Choose one pair made for lots of walking, one pair that’s casual/neutral, and one fancier pair. Pro tip: wear your walking shoes to and from the airport so you technically pack only two pairs total.

#4: Create Looks

Tip #3 flows perfectly into tip #4. After you pick out your limit of three pairs of shoes, this next step is easy. It’s time to build some outfits. Forget the idea of bringing a bunch of tops, and a bunch of bottoms and mixing them all around. You’ll end up with far too much stuff. Building outfits keeps you focused on what is necessary. Another way to streamline is to pick pieces that can work with multiple outfits. Go for a jean jacket, a classic pair of black pants, or a neutral cardigan. With a quick spritz of fabric freshener, you can make multiple pieces work for multiple days.

#5: Focus on Memories

Sometimes it’s not the things you pack that are the problem; it’s what you want to bring back. Souvenirs can be a lot of fun, and of course, you can pick a few, but ultimately try to avoid the cheesy kiosks and tchotchkes. Instead, opt for things that don’t take up much or any space, like plenty of photos or a journal where you write down your experiences while traveling.

If you’re looking for a place to call home in between travels, then check out Nickel Plate Station, new Fishers, Indiana apartments. We not only have resort-style amenities outside but also premium floor plans inside. While you are out adventuring, your other clothes will be safe in our California closets, and you can freshen up your outfits before and after your travels with the full-sized washers and dryers in our units. Call to schedule your tour: (317)-854-5630.