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Make Your Workouts

It's a battle to stay healthy. You have to balance work, food, friends, and a steady workout plan. If you don't have access to a gym, then you also have to invest in equipment. If you're lucky enough to live at Nickel Plate Station, apartments in Fishers, then you already have access to top-notch equipment. But even if you have the equipment readily available, you may not have the time for extensive workouts. Here are some tips on how to make your workouts as beneficial as possible!

#1: Hydration

It's common knowledge that hydration matters while you are working out and definitely after working out, but there is scientific evidence that starting your workouts hydrated is equally important. In fact the National Library of Medicine states that “dehydration degrades aerobic exercise performance.” If you come in with a body already drained, you won't have the energy required for the most effective workout possible. Start that water bottle early!

#2: Recovery Shakes

There's a reason for all the protein shakes and other forms of recovery beverages on the market. They can do a great deal to help your body not only recover from exercise but also prepare for exercise. Some form of protein is always helpful, but be on the lookout for excess added sugar. And in case you don't have the time to make a shake or smoothie, never fear! There is scientific evidence to suggest that chocolate milk is actually the most superior recovery
drink out there, beating out both water and sports drinks. Whatever option you choose, don't overdo it and stuff yourself with empty calories. Use recovery drinks in moderation as part of your balanced diet.

#3: Carbs

There are many health crazes and diet plans that will ry to demonize carbs, but they are not the enemy (at least not always). The problem isn’t so much carbs themselves but what kinds of carbs you are eating and how often. Carbs are actually an integral part of your diet because they are one of the body's most important sources of energy. You need carbs to maintain your stamina during your workout. If you're looking at your carb options and doubting yourself, here's a good rule of thumb:go forwhole grains over refined carbs. It’s that simple! Pick brown rice or quinoa over white rice, go for oatmeal made with milk and a touch of honey instead of cereal or sugar-loaded oatmeal packs, and limit your bread and pasta intake.

#4: Strecthing

This tip comes with a caveat. You will actually want to use two different kinds of stretching to maximize your results. The best warmup stretches are referred to as dynamic stretches. This means instead of slow standing or sitting extensions, you do gentle, low-impact exercises to warm your muscles. A great example is to do some slow squats to warm up your legs instead of standing stretches or arm circles to warm up your arm muscles over pulling stretches. Once your workout is complete, then it's time to do a standing calf stretch or thread the needle for your arms and shoulders. This is a great time to integrate some yoga poses. It also helps to have a quiet space, like the private fitnesslyoga rooms at Nickel Plate Station.

#5: Music

If you have a favorite playlist for your workouts, then you're already ahead of the game! Music is a great way to give you an extra boost and often results in a longer workout. If you've only got a minute or two left before your favorite song is done, you're more likely to keep going until it finishes. Another great idea is to match the music to the type of workout you plan to do. Break out your rock and roll for cardio and cooldown with some ballads. The beat will signal to your body to keep things fast-paced or relaxed. It can also help you tune into your breathing or time your reps.

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