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Decorating for the Season

Winter is here, and so is the need to bring some joy indoors to stave off the winter blues. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and festive decorating trends this year that are sure to keep your living space cozy and welcoming. It helps if you live near top shopping destinations, like the residents of Nickel Plate Station. Our apartments in Fishers, IN are within walking distance of the Nickel Plate District where you can find the latest in decor. But in case you’re not sure what to look for, here are some top tips for keeping it merry and bright this year!

#1: Texture Is Everything

Since winter equals cold, the only solution is plenty of cozy, textured items. This means it’s time to break out the wool blankets, anything cableknit, and other soft, chunky fabric elements. The easiest way to add these items is with some throw blankets or pillows. But if you’re feeling creative, you could try a DIY scarf wreath (check out this how-to video using items from the Dollar Tree!) or mitten garland for extra festive flair.

#2: Pattern, Pattern, and More Pattern

This particular trend requires a bit of bravery. The idea is to use patterns on top of more patterns. It’s a layered approach, so think about a patterned couch with patterned pillows and a patterned blanket. The way to make it all come together is with at least one unifying color and enough contrast between patterns so that it looks intentional instead of accidental. If you’re wary of things getting too busy, then you can go for more subtle mixes. You could use a simple black and white plaid as a base and then a festive floral with poinsettias. If you like the idea of patterns but don’t want it to be so obvious, try it in smaller areas, like a tablescape with layered table runners or different patterns for your place settings.

#3: Make the Outdoors Indoors

It’s a classic design choice to bring the outside in! For the winter, though, you’ll want to be very intentional with which items you choose. The most popular choices for this trend are common and traditional: rustic garland, pinecones, chestnuts, and wooden elements. Some of the unique ways you can incorporate these items include garland that surrounds a window on only one side and the top. It will give the garland a draped, casual look. Another garland trend is to leave it with minimal adornment, if any. Maybe add a singular bunch of pinecones tied with a wide ribbon and nothing else. Pinecones can actually be turned into a garland, too, for a trimmed-back, sleek approach. And as for wood, a new concept is making a display out of your stored firewood, perhaps with a funky, metallic firewood holder.

#4: Candles (Yes, Candles!)

You might have read “candles” and said to yourself, really? Candles? Yes, candles! But not typical candles from yesteryear. This trend demands new and innovative candles. Of course, you can still incorporate your favorite scents, but the goal with this is to use candles not just for the scent but for visual variety, light, and even texture. Try candles of varying heights and widths in the same display or housed in lanterns or other cool holders. If you’re unsure of lighting candles every day, there are plenty of battery-operated options available, even some with timers. Finally, there are now super cool textured candles that will take them to the next level. You could try these rustic, battery-powered candles, handmade beeswax with honeycomb pattern, or these super funky bubble candles.

#5: Vintage and Homemade Touches

Last but not least, you can always add small touches to your decorations that make a big difference. Some hot trends for this winter are unique vintage pieces. Think less tchotchke and more of a cool side table or trunk. They’ll add to the warmth of your decor. You can also personalize your decorations with some simple but effective DIY moments. One that’s making a comeback is dried citrus. You can take oranges, lemons, or grapefruit, cut them into slices, and then dry them in the oven for a quick and easy art project. Then you can use the dried fruit to string on a tree, make it into a garland, or use it to fill a clear vase to use as a centerpiece or table decoration.

Do you need a cozy place to call home this winter where you can try all these trends? Then take a look at Nickel Plate Station. Our downtown Fishers apartments keep you close to top local shopping destinations and provide spacious floor plans in a modern community. Call today: 317-854-5630.