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How to Organize Your California Closet

You might not think of your closet as another room in your home, but when you have a large, California closet like the ones at Nickel Plate Station apartments in Fishers, your closet is a place that deserves just as much attention as any other. It’s a space you can make uniquely your own and organize in a way that meets your specific needs. Here are a few tips from organizational experts on how to declutter your closet and make the most of this (premium!) space.

First, declutter

Consider what obstacles you might have to overcome in order to make your closet feel more spacious and organized. If you have a lot of shoes and boxes on the floor, consider a shoe organizer that will allow you to hang some items and provide more floor space.

Start from scratch

It might seem daunting, but sometimes the best way to organize is to take everything out, make a plan, and start over again. Sometimes things end up in the closet that really don't belong there. If your closet has become a storage facility for odds and ends, removing the items that don’t make sense will help with your overall organization.

Put pants on top

From the California Closets experts themselves, hanging your pants folded on a top rod and your shirts below might seem odd but functionally, it makes sense because your shirts will take up more vertical space. Pants can also be folded and placed on shelves instead.

Never hang a sweater!

Sweaters should be folded and stacked, rather than hung because the hanger can pull at the threads and stretch the shoulders. If you live at Nickel Plate Station, your closet will have plenty of shelving for the bulkiest of sweaters.

Add bins and baskets

Having a solution in mind for each type of clothing will help you assess what type of drawer, bin, or basket you will need for those items. You may also decide to get rid of some items if they no longer fit comfortably in their container.

Hang your accessories instead of boxing them

Consider storing your jewelry and accessories on a tray, or hanging a door- or wall-mounted jewelry organizer to save shelf space. This hanging organizer is a low-profile solution for keeping your belts, ties, and scarves visible and accessible and it doesn’t take up a lot of rack space.

Organize by clothing type and season

As you would in the kitchen, place the items you use most often right up front where they’re easily accessible. Stackage storage bins help get everything off the floor so you have room to move and you can take advantage of vertical space. It helps to use bins that are transparent and easily labeled so you don’t have to open all of them to find what you need.

Straighten up on a regular basis

Just as you would with your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or office, dedicating a little time each week to keeping your space organized will help prevent pileups. Continue to reassess how much space you need to allocate for each type of item, and stick to it. If your sweaters no longer fit neatly on the same shelf, consider letting go of one of two of them.

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