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Relax This Holiday Season

The holidays are synonymous with two things: joy and dread. Yes, there’s plenty of fun to be had with all the festivities, flavors, and fun. But it can be overwhelming to have to deal with all of the social pressures surrounding the holiday season. It can help to have a cozy home to retreat to like the community at Nickel Plate Station. Our spacious Fishers, Indiana apartments have plenty of room and top-tier amenities to help you unwind. Here are some tips to keep this holiday season as stress-free as possible!
#1: Keep It Healthy
Healthy habits are essential any time of the year, but they are especially important during the holidays. Be sure to keep up with any established routines. A routine will ground you when you feel like other things are chaotic. Healthy eating and exercising are also important. Proper diet and exercise give you a natural mood and energy boost, perfect for combating stress.
#2: Stay Connected
Some of the stress of the holidays can come from the crush of social obligations. But actually, many people feel the most isolated during this time. Make sure you reach out to your support system and let them know you need them. Also, make sure that the time you spend with them is casual and easy. Opt for the coffeehouse or a walk outside and avoid any fancy dinner parties or chaotic spaces.
#3: Step Away
If the stress starts to pull you down, it’s the perfect time to step away. There’s no need to live in stress at all times. Instead, make room for things you enjoy doing. Pick up a book, stroll through a favorite store, or listen to some mellow music. Anything that will give your brain a break is a great option.
#4: Learn the Power of No
Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy when the holidays come around and we end up overcommitting. The calendar can quickly become crammed with volunteering, social events, family events, and all the time it takes to prep for those things. This season, learn to say “no.” Stop worrying about hurt feelings and worry first about taking care of your own mental and emotional balance.
#5: Stop and Reflect
When you get sucked into the vortex of something like party planning, the wrong color napkins can feel like a complete crisis. Those are the times when you need to stop and reflect. What are you worrying about? Napkins. Are they worth worrying about? No. Will it hurt anyone or anything if they’re the wrong color? Absolutely not! So make sure you give yourself a healthy dose of perspective when it feels like the world is crashing down.
#6: Find a Place to Relax
A great way to let it all go is to find a special spot where you can fully relax. That space may be in your own cozy apartment or it may be somewhere else nearby. For example, residents at Nickel Plate Station have access to community amenities such as a 24-hour fitness center with a private fitness/yoga room, a lounge that includes a bar area and large TVs, and easy access to the Nickel Plate Trail where you can walk, jog, or just make your way to all the fun in downtown Fishers.

Do you need an apartment in Fishers, IN with everything you need to de stress this holiday season? Schedule your tour at Nickel Plate Station where we have premium amenities inside and out and a variety of floor plans to fit your needs and style. Call for more information: (844) 669-4410